Pegasus Ready for Action in 2023!

Crew update

A record breaking month to end an exceptional year for the Pegasus crew. 

6321 line km in the first 18 days of December, production records dropping like flies, 552 and 558 flight minutes Back 2 Back in 44 degree heat no less, 

And a long list of satisfied clients to boot. 

Join them in 2023 by Contacting us today to schedule your project work, with results like these it’s sure to be a busy year!

Closing out 2022 with a BANG!

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Crew update

If you want the Rainbow you have to put up with the rain!

The clouds have parted and Pegasus crew 02 is active in north west Victoria.

If you’d like to utilise our services while they’re on the east coast get in contact with us today!

The Solution

Pegasus Airborne Systems is growing fast! We now have additional systems and crews ready to service your next drone magnetic survey.

If you have an upcoming magnetic survey or expenditure deadline, why not use Pegasus to get more bang for your buck?

Ground magnetics quality at airborne magnetics scale, but ten times as fast without the rolled ankles! Our commercial grade UAS paired with the Rolls Royce of magnetometers the Scintrex CS-VL, is industry proven, just ask our clients!

Offering speed and superior data quality, our current generation of UAS workhorses are capable of up to 500 flight kilometres a day without breaking a sweat, but if that’s not enough for you, our engineers are working fervently behind closed doors and they’re about to deliver the next generation of performance aircraft to take over manned aviation.  120km/h, 35kg payload, 6 hour endurance and no requirement for an airstrip – need we say more?

And, best of all, to keep the new crews busy, our rates have just been lowered until the end of the year.  

Based in Perth, WA, we are at your service anywhere in Australia or abroad. So get in touch to see what drone magnetics is truly capable of. Find your targets, cheaper, faster and more safely.



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