Pegasus Airborne Systems is growing fast! We now have additional systems and crews ready to service your next drone magnetic survey.

If you have an upcoming magnetic survey or expenditure deadline, why not use Pegasus to get more bang for your buck?

Ground magnetics quality at airborne magnetics scale, but ten times as fast without the rolled ankles! Our commercial grade UAS paired with the Rolls Royce of magnetometers the Scintrex CS-VL, is industry proven, just ask our clients!

Offering speed and superior data quality, our current generation of UAS workhorses are capable of up to 500 flight kilometres a day without breaking a sweat, but if that’s not enough for you, our engineers are working fervently behind closed doors and they’re about to deliver the next generation of performance aircraft to take over manned aviation.  120km/h, 35kg payload, 6 hour endurance and no requirement for an airstrip – need we say more?

And, best of all, to keep the new crews busy, our rates have just been lowered until the end of the year.  

Based in Perth, WA, we are at your service anywhere in Australia or abroad. So get in touch to see what drone magnetics is truly capable of. Find your targets, cheaper, faster and more safely.

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