Designed and built by our development team, our TB05 magnetometer bird is the world’s quietest magnetic bird. With a huge 1.5m sensor/electronics separation, our sensor assembly delivers the cleanest magnetic data available. Due to a large separation between aircraft and bird, there is no requirement for compensation of the magnetic data.

The bird assembly incorporates our own magnetic counter, laser, GPS, IMU and custom acquisition system. This all interfaces with the super light, super accurate Scintrex CS-VL magnetometer.

  • Bird Weight:
  • Bird construction:
    Light Weight Kevlar
  • Magnetometer:
    Scintrex CS-VL
  • Positioning:
    GPS and IMU for yaw, pitch,roll
  • Altitude:
    Laser Altimeter
  • Acquisition rate:

Other Payloads

Although we specialise in magnetics, we can also carry a range of different payloads including LIDAR, cameras, radio-metrics.

If you have a requirement for a custom payload, please contact us for advice. We can lift up to 40kg with one hour endurance.

Require a custom payload?



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